Edge Case Research will be participating in NASA’s Autonomy Workshop to be held on Carnegie Mellon University’s campus in Pittsburgh on October 10-11, 2018.

The event is closed to the public, however most of the panel discussions will be livestreamed here: https://www.ri.cmu.edu/event/2018-workshop-on-autonomy-for-future-nasa-science-missions/

ECR CEO Mike Wagner will be participating in a panel on “Autonomy in the Wild” at Carnegie Mellon University this Wednesday October 10th at 4pm ET. The panel discussion will also include members of NASA, CMU, and Cruise Automation.

CMU ECE Professor Philip Koopman will also be participating, presenting a talk titled “Software Risk and Autonomy” on October 11 at 8:30am ET. Professor Koopman is also the CTO of ECR.

The presentations are intended to describe the challenges and opportunities of machine learning systems observed in the real world.

For more details please check the website here: