General Audience Webinar Q&A

How could a state of government use UL 4600?

Sections regarding the ODD and interaction with road users can inform state regulations helping governments to consider all the types of aspects that might be relevant to self-driving car safety. (Refer to Interaction with Humans and Road Users, Section 7, and ODD, Section 8.2). We recommend this be done in collaboration with developers to determine which prompt elements are relevant to particular deployments.

Are you aware of the Safety Argument guidelines recently released by MISRA? How would these relate to UL 4600?

They are referenced in Note It is intended that UL 4600 is compatible with those guidelines. Since those guidelines were quite recently released, any comments that support harmonization with UL 4600 are appreciated.

You mentioned “future road testing” standards. What do you mean by that?

There are discussions and plans by various organizations to develop “driver test” and “road test” standards that can provide evidence to a safety case. There is also BSI/PAS 1881 which we understand covers safety of public road testing.

Why UL 4600 type for non-autonomous vehicles?

Aspects of UL 4600 might apply to non-autonomous vehicles, but the standard has not been specifically designed for that purpose.

Are there future meetings planned to discuss the review comments in the stakeholder community?

UL’s standards development is an open consensus process. All balloting and commenting are done online using UL’s CSDS system. There are no meeting requirements as with some other Standards Development Organizations. This phase is preliminary review. All comments received during preliminary review will be considered by the STP but formal responses are not provided. After preliminary review, the proposal is issued for STP ballot and public review. At that phase, any comments will be again considered by the STP and responses will be provided.

Hi, could you say whether new “did you think of that” issues are somehow made public for the industry to learn from as a whole?

Clause 17.5.2 requires independent assessors to use a clearance process to feed back lessons learned to the standards process. This feedback process is intended to result in the standard incorporating lessons learned from the industry as a whole.

How is 4600 different from a VSSA?

UL 4600 is intended to address all elements covered in a Voluntary Safety Self-Assessment (VSSA). UL4600 does not have a specific public disclosure requirement or format. UL 4600 does, however, have much more rigorous requirements for completeness, consistency of hazards considered, and independent assessment.

Do you have European authorities as part of stakeholders?

Yes, there are Europeans involved in the stakeholder group as well as participants from Asia.

The list is predominately American organizations.

The list of organizations that were shown as our STP participants are from a variety countries including United Kingdom, Singapore, China, Sweden, Canada, and Germany. The countries represented in our stakeholder group are even more diverse.

Why no UL on non-autonomous vehicles?

Autonomous vehicles have a pressing need for a safety standard.