ECR’s products and services are geared for customers who build autonomous systems. Whether you’re a stealth-mode startup marching toward an MVP or an established OEM facing production deadlines, ECR is here to help you innovate safely.

Hologram complements traditional simulation and road testing of perception systems.   It intelligently tests perception software against adversarial examples, which it generates from your own sensor data.   Hologram identifies risks that are difficult to find with other types of testing and analysis. This shows how your perception software reacts in realistic “what if” scenarios.

Use Hologram to construct strong safety cases, comply with standards, and maximize investments in on-road testing.   It helps you to coordinate key roles across autonomy development: designing and training machine learning algorithms, managing fleet deployments, and performing system-safety programs.

Hologram unlocks the value in the perception data that’s collected by your systems.  It helps you find the edge cases where your perception software exhibits odd, potentially unsafe behavior.  This gives you a chance to address these issues before they affect system safety and performance. The result: more robust perception.

Learn how Hologram helps you find edge cases in your perception system.

Get Safer Perception, Accelerate Time to Value with Ansys SCADE Vision powered by Hologram. Hologram is sold through Ansys as SCADE Vision

nLoop is a software platform to deliver live safety cases backed by evidence to ensure our customers can define and measure the safety of autonomous vehicles  in the real world.

nLoop helps AV developers, operators and insurers:

  • Know when AVs are safe to deploy
  • Monitor system after deployment
  • Assess risk

To learn more about nLoop, email us at


The Switchboard stress test engine performs random, intelligent fuzzing that complies with your system’s defined interfaces. Switchboard’s novel process accelerates your ability to find and fix realistic edge case bugs before products are launched. Switchboard intelligent automation empowers development teams and eliminates concerns of testing bias. Developers simply define undesirable outcomes in Switchboard and run tests to isolate the circumstances that surround failures.

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