Review the latest industry publications authored by our automotive and autonomous system safety experts.

Edge Case responds to NHSTA’s request for comments on a Framework for Automated Driving System (ADS) Safety

Driver Assistance vs. Automated Vehicle Safety

Automated Vehicle Safety Update 2021

A User’s Guide to Vehicle Automation Modes

CES 2021 – Edge Case Research & NXP Partnership

Delivering Live Safety Cases for an Ever-Changing World

Safety Cases and Highly Automated Vehicle Safety

Positive Trust Balance (as presented at WAISE 2020): paper, slides, video

Building Trust for Self Driving Vehicles

Safety Performance Indicators for Self Driving Cars (video & slides)

Safety Cases & Safety Performance Indicators for AI Driven Vehicles (slides & video)

Positive Trust Balance for Self Driving Car Deployment

Edge Case Research Expands in the European Market

Autonomous Vehicles Meet the Physical World: RSS, Variability, Uncertainty, and Proving Safety

Safety Argument Considerations for Public Road Testing of Autonomous Vehicles

Edge Case Research Raises $7M to Make Autonomy Safer

Edge Case Research Provides Technical Leadership for the First Comprehensive Autonomous Product Safety Standard (UL 4600)

How many operational design domains, objects, and events?

Credible Autonomy Safety Argumentation

Challenges in Autonomous Vehicle Testing and Validation

Robustness Testing of Autonomy Software

The Heavy Tail Safety Ceiling

Putting image manipulations in context: robustness testing for safe perception

Autonomous Vehicle Safety: An Interdisciplinary Challenge

Toward a Framework for Highly Automated Vehicle Safety Validation

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