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At Edge Case Research, we’re committed to building safety into autonomous systems from the ground up.  

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Above is sample Hologram output: a trip segment is being processed through Hologram looking for weaknesses (orange) and false negatives (red) in a perception system

Plan & Prepare

Traditional engineering methods are necessary, but not sufficient, for achieving safe autonomy. We help our customers succeed with a safety case approach that uses appropriate standards, metrics, and best practices to be ready to field.


Identify safety standards that are relevant to your autonomous product and understand how they should fit together to form coherent safety processes.


Use best practices from safety-critical industries to build a safety case that argues clearly why your product is safe, and backs that argument up with evidence.


Continuously analyze what safety hazards your product needs to prevent and how these hazards might occur. These analyses serve as a basis for improving your product.

Measure & Mitigate

We help customers mitigate edge cases faster.  We help you monitor safety performance indicators (SPIs) starting in early development and continuing throughout your product’s lifecycle.

Use your safety case to identify the most relevant safety performance indicators for your product, including leading indicators that may predict future risks.

Verify & Validate

Validating autonomy is a serious challenge. So build your product to make validation more efficient, and then lay out a clear plan to identify and mitigate both known problems and unknown edge cases.

What scenarios cause trouble for your deep-learning perception algorithms? Where are your training data gaps? Hologram is a powerful enterprise analytics platform that unlocks the value of petabytes of recorded road data, accelerates the development of safer perception software.

The real world has a knack for presenting scenarios that you can’t imagine, don’t test for, but need to handle safely. Switchboard is a software testing platform that prepares your autonomy software for unexpected situations before it hits the field.


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